{March 23, 2009}   Important issues

I was walking through the supermarket today when I thought “shit, I’ve got a stone in my shoe”, right? A problem we’ve all faced, I’m sure. What do you do? Take of your shoe right there and tip the offending item right out into the aisle, and expose the masses to your odious foot, or just put up with it until you’re all secluded and safe?

Well, I bore the pain for about twenty minutes until I made it to the car park. There, I took off my shoe and pulled out what was not a stone. It was a shard of metal. It looked like a tiny, flattened girder, about four inches long. What the fuck was it? I don’t know. How did it get in my shoe? It’s a mystery.

This is all a metaphor for life, by the way. If you didn’t pick up on that by now you’re stupid.


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